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Baxter and Hillrom have joined forces into one powerhouse medical device company. The unification of two global brands presents a significant challenge in terms of streamlining brand identity and messaging to ensure consistent brand recognition and effective communication.

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HIMSS 2022 Tradeshow

The HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is the can’t-miss healthcare event of the year, where professionals throughout the global health ecosystem connect for the education, innovation and collaboration they need to reimagine health and wellness for everyone, everywhere. 

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Redefining Care, For Good Campaign

Caregiver burnout has become a major issue in the hospital system worldwide. Care team members are overworked and burdened with workflow inefficiencies that have led to a massive decline in the work force. Something needs to change for care team members, and it needs to change fast.


Mobile Customer Experience Center Campaign

Hillrom developed a mobile operating room that could travel the world as meet customers where they are versus having to bring them to specific locations. The team developed a virtual tour of the Mobile CEC to promote the cross-country tour that our truck would be embarking on during the year. 

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Digital Interactivity & 3D Modeling Approach

Hillrom PDP pages were not performing as well as the company hoped, nor expected. The pages serve as a great educational tool for customers, as well as sales teams to lean on during interactions and touch points. We needed to find a solution that would drive engagement on key educational content.

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Patient Deterioration Campaign

After a successful launch of the new Centrella Smart Bed, Hillrom needed to bring the focus back to a critical pain point for caregivers - patient deterioration. 

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Precision Locating Product Launch

Adding to the nursing burden problems is complex communications. Often, the chaos of tasks creates at environment where it becomes difficult to locate a nurse member or a certain empty bed on a floor. Hillrom introduced it's newest product offering to solve for that problem by by including a precision tracking system. 

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Behavioral Health Service Launch Campaign

In order to grow the telehealth platform, MDLIVE needed to expand it's service offerings. There were already a plethora of medical issues that they service covered under the medical virtual visits, so the company decided to introduce behavioral health offerings. 


First Line of Defense Campaign

Telehealth experienced a massive growth phase due to the pandemic. That trend started to fizzle out, and MDLIVE needed to think differently about how to increase the amount of users to register for the telehealth app and continue to use it.


Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Service Launch

Athletico needed to expand service offerings to continue the growth trend we were experiencing. An acquisition was made on a start-up company who provided blood flow restriction therapy. After the closing process, my team was tasked with managing the campaign to launch the service under Athletico's brand. 

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