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Digital Creative & Content Lead


Caregiver burnout has become a major issue in the hospital system worldwide. Care team members are overworked and burdened with workflow inefficiencies that have led to a massive decline in the work force. A study was conducted with results indicating that 67% of nurses are leaving the profession in 2021. Something needs to change for care team members, and it needs to change fast.


We focused on the core problem, and developed 3 main pillars of the message that our products would solve for in the health system. Those three pillars became nursing workflow burdens, complex communication systems and alarm fatigue. The connected care ecosystem of products that Hillrom developed solved for all 3 of these pillars.

Along with the support of my team, I developed a plan to create gritty content and messaging that was honest about the issues - and how we are working to solve for them. We developed 3 different landing pages that each focused on a main pillar of content, as well as a paid media plan that focused on all 3 pillars under the umbrella message "Redefining Care, For Good". I also owned the expansion of our brand guidelines by implementing fresh elements to build upon existing guides that would propel our brand further with the campaign.


The result was 3 successful 'connected care moment' videos that made waves in the industry, and propelled Hillrom further into the MedTech disruptor category.

redefining care, for good campaign

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