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Digital Multimedia Content Specialist


Seals are a very crucial component of oil and gas pipelines. The issue is the process of sealing can be extremely complicated and expensive. John Crane needed a campaign that would take very complex ideas, and simplify them for the end user. 


I kicked off the campaign's discovery phase by contacting various product experts and conducting market research to figure out the pain points the new seal products were solving for. Based on the market research, we developed a few persona segments that we would market the content to and build the voice around. I took point on developing a handful of videos that showed how easy the seals were to install vs competitors, thought leadership blogs that addressed the pain points, and various assets like whitepapers, FAQs and landing pages. I designed the user journey to flow around the pain points, with the content acting as touchpoints to guide the users down the funnel (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU). The campaign was a massive success for John Crane, and the simplified sealing landing pages ended up being the highest performing pages across the domain. 


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