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Product Marketing


Successful marketing campaigns need to have great visual aids to support the messaging. I led the design of this product marketing page. This unique design paired static images with dynamic elements such as a video and an interactive chart. By providing an interesting and interactive experience, John Crane had a very successful product launch.  



Industry Case Study

Case studies are usually an industry specific bread and butter material. Take concrete data from real scenarios and present the facts to the consumer. I took this process 5 steps further and created a dynamic, engaging experience for our consumers. Compared to a static document, this experience presented the same amount of data but in a bite-sized experience to really sink in with the consumer. Due to this, John Crane saw a big spike in our lead database.


Call To Action

The goal was to create a simplified, yet beautifully designed experience to drive consumers to interact with CTA's on the website and drive downloads of organizational documents. This experience that I designed has been successful in accomplishing what the need started out to be, and delivered on so much more. Due to this interactive experience, downloads have increased in growth tremendously - resulting in this strategy being adopted site-wide.




During my time at John Crane, I took part in a product launch campaign for one of the newer simplified gas seals. I supported the launch by overseeing the design on multiple high value assets such as hero images, product videos, infographics, etc. I acted as lead designer/animator on this project, which brought in a lot of consumer attention to the product when it launched. This project provided an engaging experience for the consumer by walking them through the benefits in a simple visual way. 

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